What to Expect

What You Can Expect from Your Shoot:

1. You should expect to be in contact with me before the shoot as to your vision, who will be in the photos, what your child is into at this point in his/her life and any special items you want to incorporate into the shoot (I’ve photographed an Irish baby in a flamenco dress with a donkey piñata and sombrero…nothing shocks me).

2. You should expect that this will be a totally painless, fun experience. The more relaxed the family/child is the better…I know this is hard. I’m a photographer and I’m still roughly ten seconds from a nervous breakdown by the time I get my own family showered, dressed, coordinated, spill-proofed and happy for family photos. It’s a lot of work, I completely understand and thank you for doing the prep work. I’d recommend telling your child that you are going to meet a new friend and play for an hour. I will abandon all dignity and jump around singing Disney theme songs and nursery rhymes in between providing my best zoo animal impersonations to help loosen everyone up. I will not ask you to pose in any strange, cheeseball positions. I might tickle you if you are fake smiling. I will work quickly, I know kids and sometimes dads (love you dads!) have an expiration. I will do my best to make this is as fun as possible for everyone.

3.  If there is something that ALWAYS makes your child laugh, definitely bring it. Not everyone loves my rendition of the Hot Dog song, I get it. Also, a back-up outfit just in case. I can airbrush a lot of drool, grass stains, etc., but it always helps to have a second option on-hand.

4. You should absolutely call/email me if you have ANY questions about our upcoming shoot even if you think they are ridiculous. If you are at the mall (do people still say at the mall? I don’t know) and need to text me photos of your baby’s potential photoshoot outfit or yours, not a problem.  Here’s my cell: 708-280-5075.

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